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Lockit On-Set Tools: Collect, Create and Share Clip-Based Information

LockitScript App

The LockitScript app is the all-in-one communication tool for Script Supervisors. Load scripts and preps, enter content information and allocate it to clips from multiple cameras, do script lining, export reports and so much more. Learn more

TonMeister App

The TonMeister app is the perfect report tool taylored for Location Sound Mixers. Use it in combination with an Ambient Beetle (ACN-BT) to remote control the Sound Device 788T recorder. Learn more

Lockit Hardware

Accuracy is paramount. Use our on-set hardware to connect cameras and sound devices with our apps and intertwine both technical and content information seamlessly. Central Metadata Hub is the Master Lockit. Learn more

Lockit WebTools: Evaluate On-Set Data as Reports, Statistics and Post-Production Files


Use the versatile import function of the „Pre-Production“ LockitWebTool to transfer important information from pre-production software into your project. Learn more


Create digital reports with the “Post-Production” tool - or import perfectly prepared metadata files straight into your editing software, enabling the editing process to begin immediately. Learn more


Use the LockitWebTool “Statistics” for the latest overview of your production - up to date every day and always available. Learn more

Our Tools help…

... Script Supervisors

Create all your reports with one app: automatically, fast, consistent
Use the Master Lockit to stay in sync with the cameras and display crucial clip information directly in your app
Fewer lists to fill out - more time for what is most essential: continuity

... Sound Mixers

Digitally create your sound report with our easy-to-use app and upload it to the cloud
Use the "Beetle" (ACN-BT) to remote control your Sound Device 788T with the app

... Production Managers

Establish a paperless workflow
Benefit from consistent, digital reports
Our statistics help to keep track of your production on a daily basis
Upgrade your archive. We deliver detailed metadata information on the whole shot material automatically

... Post-Production

Save two hours every day by using our metadata files instead of transcribing piles of notes on paper
Benefit from highly accurate data collection on set and don’t waste any more time with searching for lost clips information
Love the Lockits: Synchronize clips from Lockit-tuned cameras with just one click
The choice is yours: Information from set can additionally be exported in varying report versions
Find faster what you are searching for in your editing software thanks to detailed information allocated to every single clip

... DITs

Download clip-based content information directly via tha Master Lockit Web Interface as ALE or other export formats to import them into your pregrading software.


Premium Production Service

Want to go Full Service? Try our premium production service!

These Companies Use Our Premium Production Service

  • testimonials-samfilm

    samfilm, germany – production company
    „Ostwind 2“ (Cinema)

  • testimonials-networkmovie

    network movie, germany – production company
    „Mutter des Mörders“ (TV), „Der Mann ohne Schatten“ (TV), “Vernau – die 7. Stunde” (TV Film)

  • client-ef

    entertainment factory, germany – production company
    “Hubert & Staller” (TV), “Hammer&Sichl” (TV)

  • tivoli200

    tivoli film, germany – production company
    “Scheiß auf Reis” (TV Film), “Mord in bester Gesellschaft” (TV Film Serial)

  • testimonials-ndf

    ndf, germany – production company
    „Um Himmels Willen“ (TV Serial), „Forsthaus Falkenau“ (TV Serial), „Groove High“ (TV Serial)

  • testimonials-cineimpuls

    cineimpuls berlin, germany – post-production company
     „Frau Commissario“ (TV), „Ein starkes Team“ (TV)

  • testimonials-bavaria

    bavaria film, germany – production company
     „Die Rosenheim Cops“ (TV Serial), „Weißblaue Geschichten“ (TV Serial), „Die Himmelsleiter“ (TV), “Antonio im Wunderland” (Cinema)

Technology Partners

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