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LockitNetwork at “Die Schule der magischen Tiere”

Promo photo Die Schule der magischen Tiere

Collected metadata for all: how LockitNetwork supports post-production, DIT and VFX on “Die Schule der magischen Tiere” (The School of Magical Animals) Coming soon to German cinemas is “Die Schule der magischen Tiere” (The School of Magical Animals), a highly anticipated cinematic experience for children. In this literary adaptation, magical[…]

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LockitScript on SCHULD III

“I’M ALREADY GIVING INTRODUCTIONS TO USE THE APP” In the third season of the successful ZDF series “Schuld” (Guilt), Moritz Bleibtreu is once again in court with unusual cases as the brilliant criminal defence lawyer Friedrich Kronberg. Script Supervisor Minu Shareghi used LockitScript and was also able to convince Production[…]

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Interactive LockitScript Webinar

Dear Script Supervisors! we know that the current COVID-19 crisis is particularly affecting set workers in the film industry. Also for our LockitNetwork Metadata Service the current situation means a standstill. But we want to make a virtue out of necessity and have now advanced a project that has been burning[…]

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LockitScript at the Set of Berlin Station

“A lot of exciting things are happening right now” – LockitScript at the Set of Berlin Station The third season of Berlin Station has been released. Again, CIA agent Daniel Miller is on a secret mission from his post in Berlin. For script supervision, the American production company trusts script[…]

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LockitScript on the set of Deutschland 86

No pen, no paper, just iPad: LockitScript on the set of Deutschland 86 The sequel to the successful series Deutschland 86 is jam-packed with action – and LockitScript is never too far away There has been a lot of excited anticipation for the continuation of the series Deutschland 83 that[…]

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LockitScript Update 2.7

You asked, we listened: Our 2.7 release comes with two handy updates. Not to worry, we will also explain how the camera manager works. LockitScript users can now choose a camera type and create fully customizable clip name patterns directly within the app. As we have added all counting algorithms[…]

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ARRI Webgate connection

Video Playback in the LockitScript App – thanks to ARRI Webgate connection Considering the seemingly endless responsibilities of a script supervisor, the description might be defined as two jobs: On the one hand, the job consists “continuity”, meaning: Monitoring content to maintain consistent action and avoid inconsistent or conflicting details[…]

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LockitScript @ Netflix series “Dark”

Today (1st December 2017) online streaming service Netflix releases its very first German production called “Dark”, a long awaited mystery serial by director Baran bo Odar and screenwriter Jantje Friese. The productions script supervisor was Jutta Dickel who had worked for major productions like “Der Baader-Meinhof-Komplex” or “Die Päpstin” in[…]

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LockitNetwork at BVR

More and more German film sets profit from our LockitNetwork Production Service – including the script supervisors who use our LockitScript App. German script supervisors are organized in an association called Bundesverband für Regie (BVR). The BVR now invited us to introduce LockitScript to its members. With this training we want to[…]

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