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LockitWebTools Import Section

Interoperability is king. Good news for all script supervisors and assistant directors using LockitScript and the LockitWebTools. We always strive to make you get started with a new project quickly – therefore we are working hard on being compatible to as many pre-prodcution tools as possible. That’s why we now[…]

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LockitScript Update 1.2.5

Hello Script Supervisors! LockitScript – the on-set tool for digital script supervising – has a  new update available. Here are some of the improvements: – The time code of a Master Lockit can now be displayed in the LockitScript App. Also, a new button gives you the option to log[…]

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TonMeister Update 1.2.1

Hello TonMeisters! TonMeister – the on-set app for location sound mixers – has a new update available. Here are some of the improvements: – The current shooting day can now be selected in all tabs. This means: You can switch shooting days in all areas of the app, not only[…]

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Premium Production Service

Productions digging paperless workflow and consistent daily progress reports, aiming to save time in post-production and to keep track of on-set processes book our LockitNetwork Premium Production Service, that’s for sure. Here’s a fine selection of current movies and TV-serials using LockitNetwork and LockitScript App:   “Nebel im August” –[…]

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LockitSCRIPT meets AVID: the .ale workflow

As more and more script supervisors use the LockitSCRIPT App on set, more and more post-productions are wondering how to get the most out of digitally gathered data. Of course Excel- or PDF-reports look really nice but as an editor you still have to typewrite the sheets to rename your[…]

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Lockit Network Events in LA

Jim Koomar is our guy in the U.S., a true Lockit Network specialist. You have questions on the LockitSCRIPT App, the TonMeister App, the new Master Lockit or our metadata network in general? He knows the answers. He will make his rounds on several events taking place in LA during[…]

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TonMeister App Quick Start Guide

Hello Sound Mixers! To give you a proper kick-off for working with our TonMeister App, our US Lockit Network expert Jim Koomar has produced a very clear 5-step screencast. With the sonorous, pleasant voice of his he will guide you through the core functions of the app in less than[…]

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The art of slating

People frequently ask us about the difference between European Slating, Continuous Slating and American Slating. So we hired a rocket scientist to figure it all out once and for all: First: the lowest common denominator of all differen styles of slating is the take. Whatever you write on your clapper[…]

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