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Beaconsfield Calling

This Saturday, November 9 the Institute of Professional Sound, in short IPS, hosts the Timecode & Sync Training Day in Beaconsfield near London. easySCOTT was invited to speak and will be there!

Do you wonder what we might be doing there? Well, we as metadata specialists consider the Timecode a vital technical information with lots of benefits for the editing. Furthermore, our easySCOTT App and the Cloud Service we’re offering are part of the new ACN (Ambient Clockit Network). You see: we are cooperating with real Timecode experts.

At the event we will mainly talk about the ideal preparation of all the gathered metadata so that it can be reasonably used. „Use the Power of Metadata Wisely” is what we stand for. With the right approach you can make the production process easier and faster. But if you handle metadata improperly, it’s just an ugly pile of senseless numbers.

Other speakers at the event will be Chris Woolf, the British „guru“ of Timecode and Sync, Paul Scurrel from Timecode Buddy Systems and of course Sebastian Fell und Klaus Grosser as representatives of Ambient Recording. We’re looking forward for the day and happy to be part of it.