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Benefits at a Glance


Customized digital reports

We will format your daily reports as per your specifications. Reports are accessable at any time via the cloud-based LockitWebTools. Learn more

Save time in post-production

Save hours of work every day thanks to digitally gathered on-set information and timecode-synchronised film clips. Learn more



Keep an eye on your set

Create convincing reports live and keep track of what is happening on set.

Easy Setup

We combine the right parts of our Time-Savers to your production’s requirements and get your project up and running within 1 day.

How it works

Script Supervising App


Step 1
On set the script supervisor digitally gathers all content-related, technical and organizational information using the LockitScript iPad App.

Step 2
The collected information is automatically sent to the cloud-based LockitWebTools.

Step 3
In the WebTools the data is processed into:

  customizable digital reports and daily statistics.
  post-production files for direct ingest into your post-production tool - instead of manual entry from paper.


Timecode Synchronisation

Optional Add-On
Combine our Production Service with Lockit Hardware to sync your cameras on set and broadcast camera metadata directly into the LockitScript App via the Master Lockit.

These Companies Use The Production Service

Technology Partners

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