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Import Pre-Production Files

Get Started!

Prepare your projects easily in a browser and synchronise information with the LockitScript app afterwards. The most efficient way to get started is our time-saving importing module.


Upload a growing number of popular script writing and pre-production software files into the LockitWebTools. Our import module extracts scene information such as scene, ERT /ART, sets, IN/OUT, DAY/NIGHT… and you can start working right away!



Scene numbers / ERT / Sets – each in one column as a .csv-File

PDF script and call sheet

No pre-production tool at hand? There’s always the good ol’ PDF

Pre-Producer Import (Premium)

Check out our live Interface with this pre-production all-rounder


Movie Magic MSD-Datei (Premium)

Import shooting schedule data from this popular assistant director’s tool

Fuzzlecheck-File (Premium)

Import shooting schedule data from this popular assistant director’s tool

Final Draft Script (Premium)

The classic solution among script writing tools



Edit your project

Update your project on your iPad and start right away .


Digital Reports

Create and export daily reports

In the export tab you find all daily report ready for download. Based on your customized template the reports will contain all relevant data entered in the LockitScript App.


Available Reports

Editor’s Log

The shot-based standard report

Progress Report

All statistics of the shooting day at a glance

Facing Page

The scene-based alternative to the editor’s log


Clip Log

Clip based report on the shot material

Lined Script (Script Supervisor Subscription)

Including on- and off-passages and notes

Custom reports (Premium)

Even for all shooting days and single episodes




Post-Production Files (Premium)

Download Metadata Files for Post-Production

Use metadata files containing detailed clip-based information for direct ingest into your editing or pre-grading software – instead of time consuming manual entry from paper.

We provide automatical renaming of the file names based on the scene/slate/take information. Instead of cryptical names like “A012C009_ANCLLAKSJD” you will see something like “Scene 23_5/1” in your editing software. This renaming is also customizable to your specific requirements.

We add on-set metadata to your existing ALE files that you can use directly in your editing software. If you have editor access to LockitWebTools, simply go to the tab Clip Inspector.



We support the following formats:

  • Avid Media Composer (ALE)
  • Adobe Premiere (ALE)
  • Apple Final Cut X (XML)
  • Pomfort Silverstack Labs (PSLA)
  • DaVinci Resolve (CSV)


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