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Creative Workflow Technologies

Is this it? Integrated digital workflow appears to be on its way into German production community.

The establishment of recently founded research group D-Werft backs this interpretation (http://www.transfermedia.de/forschung/d-werft0.html).

Its first step is researching end-to-end lossless interconnection of work processes using gathered information mutually via open, interoperating standards. Based on this research D-Werft wants to create a technology platform named “Linked Production Data Cloud”.

Sounds great, we are up for that! Surveying existing technologies in the field D-Werft got in touch with us. No surprise here, since easySCOTT is the most advanced On-Set-Metadata-Management-Tool connected with Pre- and Post-Production. We are very curious about where this project is heading to and we are eager to support D-Werft wherever we can.

The guys set up the workshop “Creative Workflow Technologies” on 14th and 15th of October in Berlin to share some insights on the status quo with Production Managers, Post-Production-Managers and affiliates.

There will be presentations about existing solutions for Pre-Production, On-Set and Post-Production. We are going to be there as well on 15th from 10:00am on.

You can still sign up and get in touch:http://www.transfermedia.de/nc/bildung/linked-film-tv-workshops.html

Along with some other excellent companies (Preproducer, Wonderlamp, Drama Queen, Strawberry) we are looking forward to enthuse participants with digital workflows!