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easySCOTT Becomes Lockit Network

We are happy to announce that easySCOTT and Ambient Recording are now officially joining forces to found a new company called Lockit Network

easySCOTT started less than four years ago with the mission of creating the most advanced on-set metadata management solution for TV and motion picture productions. Since then, we’ve released a comprehensive app for script supervisors and several metadata production services. We have since made many production companies and script supervisors happy.

This partnership is the next step in our company’s history, and it’s a pleasure to form this new company with our good friends. We’ve always admired Ambient Recording for their highly accurate, industry-leading time code technology. Now, we will have software and hardware experts working together to evolve our easy-to-use, on-set digital workflow system.

In our previous working relationship, easySCOTT and Ambient Recording enjoyed successful collaboration with the development of the TonMeister App and the Master Lockit. As the Lockit Network, we look forward to creating the most ideal workflow ever imagined.

Lockit Network and Ambient Recording will remain two separate companies to best focus on the individual strengths of each company.


What Does This Mean for You?

This is our new company, so of course, Team easySCOTT will be proud to provide continuous improvements and new products within the new Lockit Network. Most of all, we will be proud to work with you in exactly the same way as we always have. The software development and management team will stay the same, but with more resources than ever.

Even though we are now partnered with the leading time code hardware company, the central task of this new venture remains; to develop the most comprehensive and powerful on-set-metadata-management tools.

With the advent of this new company, you will see some names change. These include:

  • The easySCOTT App will now be the LockitSCRIPT App. All current easySCOTT App users will recieve promo codes to switch in the next weeks.
  • easySCOTT and LockitSCRIPT Webaccess will now be called Lockit WebTools and can be accessed here: http://lockitnetwork.com/login/
  • The TonMeister App will now be part of the Lockit Network system


Last but Not Least

We’d love to hear from you! Please let us know if you have questions about this change. And as always, we look forward to your insights about workflow and suggestions of what you’d like to see from us. Let us know by posting in our Facebook group or sending a personal email.

We extend a special “thank you” to all of you professionals that have ever worked with the easySCOTT or LockitSCRIPT App. It is such a pleasure to work with you, and develop these products for you. You are the reason we get to do what we love, and we promise to continue producing high-quality apps, hubs and services that will help you to create your next generation production workflow!