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easySCOTT is a team player

The easySCOTT–Trio – Script Supervising App, Web Access and Metadata Box –  is definitely a dreamteam when it comes to timesaving information-workflow in film production. So it comes more than naturally that the investigators of ZDF made serial „Ein starkes Team“ („A strong team“) draw on our metadata services at the crime scene now.


The postproduction company CineImpuls called us up, as they are convinced of the benefits our timesaving ALE-Workflow provides. Script Supervisor Katrin Thiemer will enter information straight into the easySCOTT App. From that information we automatically create a customized ALE (Avid Log Exchange) – file for postproductions Avid Suite. This way they can immediately “couple” all the data from the set with the original filmclips and start editing right away.

We are happy to be part of further investigations of a strong team!