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easySCOTT is crazy about crime

Some things going on these days made metadata look bad and sometimes even criminal. We here at easySCOTT come in peace and use the helpful metadata (most of the time) for good things. And still, we’re sometimes dealing with exceptional crimes – when our metadata services are booked for the production of TV thrillers.

Last week, two productions started with the staff armed with our iPads, the easySCOTT Apps for Script Supervisors and the Cloud Service. In South Tyrol, Italy, the JoJo Film production company started work on “Frau Commissario”. The Script Supervisor will be Alisa Leptihn. In Berlin, the NETWORK Movie started the production of the movie “Die Mutter des Mörders” (The Murderer’s Mother), working with Script Supervisor Leonie Röll.

Both productions are using the elegant ALE workflow for the import of all metadata right into the editing software. They will be saving so much time in the clip import. We think that’s a good thing because that way they get more time to perfectly refine the important scenes. We are looking forward to the final movie and wish both teams a good time with easySCOTT.