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Federal Director`s Association meets easySCOTT

Watch out, Script Supervisors of the world: on Saturday, the 29th of June an exiting

event will take place as part of the Munich Film Festival. The German

Federal Directors Association (Bundesverband für Regie (BVR) will be holding a discussion named “Script Supervisors with iPads”


That is exactly what we are here for. We are very happy to hear that the Association takes care to make their script supervisors fit for digital metadata managment. Even happier we are that we got a speaker slot and by that the chance to introduce easySCOTT as the perfect solution for the digital revolution. Look the picture on the right where we are just checking out the beamer for our presentation


Björn Berger will host the event at Werk 1 München. We are so looking forward to it. Anybody interested to join? Just contact us and save your seat.