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Knowledge Base enhanced

To make your start into the LockitScript App and LockitWebTools as easy as possible we enhanced our Knowledge Base. Check out the new screencasts and listen to the lovely voice over of the wonderful Jim Koomar. We provide videos for the LockitScript app as well as new step-by-step manuals for importing and exporting files in LockitWebtools on our website.

Additionally we put up very detailed explanatory videos on timecode and synchronization. Did you e.g. know what’s the difference between timecode and sync? Our colleagues at Ambient Recording produced some very decent videos to finally explain it. On top they give you a very specific manual how to set up Lockit timecode boxes with different types of cameras.

Become an expert on metadata and timecode with the LockitNetwork Knowledge Base. We’re happy about your feedback – and about suggestions for other how-to-videos, we are ready to go!