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Our Script Supervising App is in the App Store!

We are overjoyed! From now on, you can find an easySCOTT App in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/easyscott-die-software-fur/id830594963?mt=8

Till now, the Script Supervisor was only to benefit from our App when the production company had booked our easySCOTT services. The app has always been a vital part of our metadata management system and came with the iPad automatically.

But now any Script Supervisor has the chance to benefit from the advantages of our high-performance software – completely independent. It is now available in the Apple App Store for just 39,90 Euros.


The features of the App Store version at a glance:

* Automatic export of Editors Log, Clip Log and Facing Page in a convenient excel file or PDF.

* Import scripts from Final Draft or Adobe Story in order to have all scenes and motives and the cast generated automatically.

* Import data with just one click from planning tools such as Preproducer.

* We really got it all: from splitted running times to scenes included

* Script Lining: make comments on the script, mark on and off parts and send the whole lined script as a PDF file to your editor.

* Clear work time recording for all departments.

* Simultaneously work with as many cameras as needed.

* Create your own personal shortcuts for filters, apertures or take comments.

* It’s all in one: stop watch, snapshots, script lining and many more…

* Use the free easySCOTT Webaccess for your preps on the project: http://my.easyscott.com

There are several more great features such as the export of the daily progress report and the metadata files (ALE/XML), video replay on device or the metadata box. Those are still exclusively available when your production company books the easySCOTT services.

The app is available only in German speaking countries. Within the next few days, our partner in technology Ambient Recording will put the similar App „Lockit Script“ in the Store that can be used and downloaded in all over the world. We’ll keep you informed on the latest developments.

And we already announce the very first update: The Ambient Clockit Network (ACN) will be integrated into our system. By that, we can offer to our customers the support of a globally renowned system for timecode and sync. Even more cameras will become integrated in the on- set metadata management and the whole workflow between the set and the post will be further improved thanks to the accurate timecode recording.

You see, it’s getting better as we speak: with easySCOTT!