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Working with the Old Fox

On the long term, a structured Metadata Management is the best choice for movie  production companies. During the production of a season of a TV series you shoot several scenes for different episodes in one single day. Enabling the post to keep track of everything and making the preps for the editor as fast and effective as possible – that is what easySCOTT is there for.

That is why we’re happy to have convinced another production team of all the benefits easySCOTT offers for the digital and paperless workflow. The German TV series “The Old Fox”, starring Jan-Gregor Kremp, is running since 1977 and produced by the “Neue Münchner Fernsehproduktion” for the public broadcaster ZDF. And is a real success in Germany. The Script Supervisor handling the easySCOTT App will be Lisa Roeth.

We wish the team a pleasant production phase and many more seasons to come.