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Display RED metadata in LockitScript App

Just got back from IBC with lots of input to work with. A big thank you to everyone who dropped by, we enjoyed hanging out with our old friends as well as meeting many interesting new people. Also you gave us heaps of precious feedback on our upcoming LockitScript App design upgrade to take along to Munich – watch out.

A personal highlight: a Lockit Box made it to RED’s stand, being the only (!) third-party product they put up there.

For obvious reasons: all ACN enabled Lockit Timecode devices (including the Master Lockit – our co-product with the colleagues of Ambient Recording) now support RED cameras. Which means: they send technical metadata directly to our LockitScript App for script supervisors. For more details check the Ambient Product Website.

Now we better roll up our sleeves and get to work. There’s a lot to process and integrate to keep providing you with on-set metadata management at its best.