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easySCOTT at „Ostwind 2“

Now you can enjoy a horseback rides cool breeze in the face with us!

Our professional on-set metadata management is a huge time and money saver for Movie- and TV-Productions and soothes producers nerves. Since german film industry’s heavyweights Constantin Film and Sam Film know very well about this, they pit on our paperless workflow between set and editing (including ALE- Workflow) for this summers joint movie production of „Ostwind 2“.

A movie picturing the special relationship between a girl and her horse featuring Jürgen Vogel, Tilo Prückner and Max Tidof among many others.

We are more than happy as no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. Once again Script Supervisor Alisa Leptihn enjoys our company riding towards the sunset – and a wrap on time. A successful kick-off to the whole team, enjoy the ride!

PS: For all the horse afficionados once again the link to first parts trailer (German):