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easySCOTT hits the headlines

Bringing order in the data mess? This is the question introducing a great article on easySCOTT, published in the German specialist journal Film & TV Kameramann. The

problem has raised some awareness in many people in movie production, these days. Metadata is very helpful for optimization of the production process. But the truth is they are also hard to handle. The September issue of the magazine is bringing four whole pages on our solution for optimized metadata management.

The journalists of Kameramann picked our long-time customer working on the tv serial Rosenheim Cops and did some interviews with Production Manager Dennis Voss, Waheed Zamani (CEO of the post-production company D-Facto Motion) and Script Supervisor Emanuel Knaak. And they liked us, and I cite: “The quality seems to be convincing.” We say thanks and appreciate that the outcome of years of hard work is received so well.

If you want to read the article, you may order the Magazine’s Issue of 9/2013. Or just come by our office, we were so excited we got some copies at once.