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easySCOTT is crazy about crime… again!

Fighting crime is crucial to us. After work we usually dress up as spiders and hunt down villains. But we are also very committed during working hours. No surprise easySCOTT is investigating again and is on duty for three german TV thrillers at the moment: “Borcherts Fall” (“Borcherts case”) with script supervisor Dirka Pfab,  “Mord mit Aussicht” (“Murder with a view”) with script supervisor Alisa Leptihn and “Mord in bester Gesellschaft” (“Murder in best company”) with script supervisor Silvia Ladopoulos.

In all cases we equipped the teams with Ipad and the script supervising software and the logs will be automatically generated digitally.

No crime will remain unsolved when saving time so elegantly. If You too can’t see the solution to a case, call us up!