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easySCOTT @ Metropolis

Next week the German Directors Association will award the Director’s Prize “Metropolis” in Munich, Germany. Around this event there will be some workshops and seminars for directors and we are part of it, of course. We will be having the honor to present our metadata solution to representatives of the Association BVR.

Our presentation will be part of the seminar on “Software Solutions” on November 23. We want to demonstrate the complete course of action during a normal day on set including video replay, entries by the Script Supervisor and automatical creation of the reports, using an actual yet short script.

Other workshops will be about an interesting new pre-production tool named Script-to-Movie and the Webgate from ARRI.

If you want to join the seminar, please refer to the German Directors Association BVR at kontakt@bvr-services.de. If you want to have your personal presentation, you might as well come by our office to experience easySCOTT at first hand. Just call us for an appointment.