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LockitScript on SCHULD III

“I’M ALREADY GIVING INTRODUCTIONS TO USE THE APP” In the third season of the successful ZDF series “Schuld” (Guilt), Moritz Bleibtreu is once again in court with unusual cases as the brilliant criminal defence lawyer Friedrich Kronberg. Script Supervisor Minu Shareghi used LockitScript and was also able to convince Production[…]

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LockitScript at the Set of Berlin Station

“A lot of exciting things are happening right now” – LockitScript at the Set of Berlin Station The third season of Berlin Station has been released. Again, CIA agent Daniel Miller is on a secret mission from his post in Berlin. For script supervision, the American production company trusts script[…]

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LockitScript on the set of Deutschland 86

No pen, no paper, just iPad: LockitScript on the set of Deutschland 86 The sequel to the successful series Deutschland 86 is jam-packed with action – and LockitScript is never too far away There has been a lot of excited anticipation for the continuation of the series Deutschland 83 that[…]

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New productions using easySCOTT

Our motto for 2015 is simple: Metadata have to become mainstream! The dashing start of the production year 2015 highlights this ambition: Two new projects bank on time saving metadata management on set. TV-Movie “Die 7. Stunde“ („The seventh hour“), Script Supervisor: Josephine Lange, is based on the same-named book[…]

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TonMeister App Update 1.1

2015 comes in with much fanfare as the eagerly awaited first update of the TonMeister App is now online. And yes, finally we do support American Slating. From release date in november on you guys kept asking: What’s the difference between American and European Slating, why are the ones doing[…]

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easySCOTT is crazy about crime… again!

Fighting crime is crucial to us. After work we usually dress up as spiders and hunt down villains. But we are also very committed during working hours. No surprise easySCOTT is investigating again and is on duty for three german TV thrillers at the moment: “Borcherts Fall” (“Borcherts case”) with[…]

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Tech tools rocking production workflow

“Paradigms of the market are changing on all levels: Business models applied for decades are changing and so is user behavior.” This was the guideline for last weeks technology conference “Changing the Picture” at Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam. New technologies concerning film productions were introduced and broadly discussed: http://www.changingthepicture.de/index.php?id=2 Something[…]

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The universal tool: CSV import

It’s about time to introduce You to our latest innovation in the Import-section on easyscott.com and lockitscript.com: the CSV-Import. Now, even if You don’t have a FinalDraft at hand, you can compile Your new project really quickly. It works like this: Use Your normal Excel scene list with single columns[…]

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