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Feedback Wanted!

News from the Cloud. It’s been a couple of weeks now, since we asked you to send us your sound reports. We now want to thank all the Location Sound Mixers who kindly supported us by sending in their templates and giving us a lot of valuable input.

Now, we are getting serious with that: we finished the first draft of our digital sound report and want your opinion on that. We’d be happy if you just downloaded it and analyzed it thoroughly.

Just like in our other reports, you can hide or show the single columns. That means that each and every sound mixer can decide for himself if he really needs all the 3 Timecodes – or just take the TC Start. The number of audio tracks can grow at will. The sign (*) is used for special cases just as sound-only, respeaking or ambient recordings.

Feel free to download it and just be honest with us! We are looking forward for your opinion. Just send it to sound@easyscott.com.

Digital Sound Report – First Draft