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First mockups for our Sound Mixer App

With the appreciated help of your feedback, we created a draft of the digital Sound Report. Next thing to do is to develop the corresponding app able to adequately fill the report.

Today we’re giving you the chance to look behind the scenes of our intensive work. Right now, we are in phase 1 and first made up some of the so-called mockups. Those are purely graphical sketches showing the basic functions. Using that, we draw up the entire design before the very first line is programmed.


What will be the features of the new App? In any case, it will be more than just filling the sound report. It also serves you as a remote control of the Sound Recorder on set – if it has a WiFi port (as the 788T of Sound Devices does). We don’t know yet which sound recorders will be integrated in the first version of the app. But you can be sure we try to include as many as possible. You see, there’s so much to decide. Stay tuned!