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Public Beta: Custom Reports

Great News for all LockitScript users: We have reworked our reporting. You are now able to export every report designed exactly to your specifications.

Check it out in public beta now! If you already have the LockitScript app here’s all you need to do:



Many of you appreciate the handling of the app and how it simplifies your daily processes.

But our biggest challenge has been finding a way to fully meet your various requests regarding our report templates. This is easily understandable considering your individual needs as a Script Supervisor – and then to top it off, each production can have its own very specific requirements.

That’s why we have developed a system to respond to your requests and make the reporting as flexible as possible.

The result: there are no limits to your imagination anymore. Let’s say you want working hours to be light blue and italic? No problem. You want new columns or fields that don’t even exist in the
LockitScript App? Sure!


But before going live with these custom reports, we want to put the new system to a final test. And here’s the thing: Since you are the people that we want to make happy with these reports, we want you to participate in the final test.

For your participation, we’ll grant you access to the custom templates for free for the entire 2017 calendar year for each of the reports (starting 2018 this feature will be available at a low monthly rate).
The last question on the minds of many Script Supervisors is – can our custom reports be in a different language? The answer is YES!

The LockitScript App will still function either in English and German, but you can export the reports in any language. To ensure that we understand your report output functionality, we need you to provide us with the English translation for each field you want to incorporate into your reports – and we’ll be happy to make it happen!

Thank you for your collaboration and your feedback.

Wishing you a happy and festive season,
Your LockitNetwork Team