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The TonMEISTER App on its last lap

Now that our Apps for Script Supervisors – both easySCOTT and Ambient LockitSCRIPT –  safely reached the appstore, we are happy that also our app for sound recordists is developing splendidly. We are talking about the TonMEISTER app which we develop together with our partner Ambient Recording. For those who don’t know: “Tonmeister” is the german expression for “Sound Recordist”.

As shown on NAB2014 the concept of the app is a combination of a digital input mask for the sound report and the remote control of the sound recorder. This latter function will initially be available for the sound recorder 788T by Sound Devices. It offers the possibility to make all adjustments of the device on our clear App interface.

The Sound Recordist on set doesn’t have to navigate through an abundance of submenus right on the recorder, anymore. Now all is included from the routing of the single audio tracks to the adjustment of the brightness of the LED Display. That makes for a real ease of the work on set.

The iPad and the 788T usually are connected via Bluetooth – using the new ACN-BT (Ambient Beetle) for a reliable connection. In our news header you can see a little snippet of our interface design.

So dear “Tonmeisters” out there: stay tuned!