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Service Partner for German Produzentenallianz

We are happy to announce another promising partnership: As new service partner of the German Produzentenallianz (translated: Producers Alliance) we offer a discount on our Premium Production Service to its members

The benefits of our service for producers and production managers are obvious:


.//Standardized, digital reports!

You can download editable daily reports that are generated automatically in the cloud-based LockitWebTools at any time.

.//Save time in post-production!

Save 2 hours of work by importing post-production files straight into your editing program instead of typing out loads of paper every day.

.//Keep an eye on your set!

Create reports live and keep track of what is happening

.//Better archives!

All clips shot will automatically be connected with detailed content metadata, so they can be filed without any further effort.


Find an overview here as PDF 1-pager. Like this you can keep a cool head when the heat is on again!