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LockitSCRIPT meets AVID: the .ale workflow

As more and more script supervisors use the LockitSCRIPT App on set, more and more post-productions are wondering how to get the most out of digitally gathered data. Of course Excel- or PDF-reports look really nice but as an editor you still have to typewrite the sheets to rename your clips and enter information into your editing software.

To safe time in the editing preps we came up with the ALE-export to hand you a tool for importing data elegantly and paperlessly into your pre-grading- or editing-program. To introduce you to the workflow we made a step-by-step manual based on the editing-software AVID http://lockitnetwork.com/learn/?target=ale%20workflow

– for the options “media import” and “AMA”. In a similar way this will also apply for pre-grading-tools like DaVinci Ressolve.

In the future we would like enhance the tutorials-section to become some kind of knowledge base. So if you have any questions concerning a specific workflow and like to see it answered publicly, let us know and put it up there!