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LockitNetwork Workshops in Cologne, Hamburg & Brussels

Workshop Invitation: “Saving time with metadata & timecode“

Every film production yields huge amounts of data the different departments pass on to each other in the process. Unfortunately a lot of information gets lost on the way, work is done inefficiently or even twice.

To make projects work out from planning to completion, you need a intelligent workflow design – this is how to run a quick, keen and collaborative production.

During our free workshop „Saving time with metadata & time code“ we will show you how to save time and money in the process using LockitNetwork software solutions (starring LockitScript App for script supervisors) and Ambient timecode products.

In Germany many production companies like ndF, Bavaria Film and Wiedemann & Berg rely on LockitNetwork solutions.


Target group:

 – production managers / line producers

– post-production supervisors

– script supervisors

– DITs

– editors / assistant editors




15.03. / 10-13h

Location: MP Medienparks, An der Hasenkaule 22 in Hürth

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23.03. / 17-20h

Location: Zeigermann Audio

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24.03. / 18-21h

Location: Audiosense Location Sound Equipment

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Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction metadata in film productions
  • Metadata workflow with LockitNetwork
    •  Why does it make sense to collect digital data?
    • Introduction LockitScript App
    • Introduction LockitWebtools
    • Hands-on session working on a made up short film from script to AVID
  • Time code & synchronization
    • Why does it make sense?
    • What’s the difference between time code & sync
    • Introduction to ACN
    • Hands-on session: AVID-Import synchronic clips vs. asynchronic clips
  • Special: Master Lockit
    • Hands-on session with the Metadata Hub