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LockitScript Update 2.4

Great Update for LockitScript – the script supervising app

We completely revised our “Script Lining“ function and redesigned the handling based on your input. Have a look right now!

Also we are very happy to announce that we finally managed to integrate an update some of you were eagerly waiting for: The pooling of take comments. Before, you had to write a take comment or set P /NP for every active camera separately – and for some shootings this is completely fine. But as soon as you are using three or even more cameras, script supervisors are having a tough time collecting individual information for each camera. Now you can link your cameras and write a comment which applies for all cameras. You can apply the function via the link-icon in the comment field or via the project preferences.


Additional enhancements for Version 2.4:

– New function: Copy the working hours from the day before. In the working hours section you can now transfer all setups (selected departments, times, numbers, breaks) into the current day.

– New statistics for LockitWebTools: Soon we will provide a map for you online to show you where you created how many clips. To do so, the App needs your permission to save your location data. The App will ask for this permission once you allocate the first clip.

– You can now turn the App a 180°, so you can mount the iPad on a stand and still charge it.

– Split running times: When you create a new splitted time the App automatically chooses the current day of shooting.

– Optimized handling for camera selection and in the shot-settings.

– New camera types added.

– Smaller bug fixes and enhancements.