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Metadata Management and Paperless Workflow on “Crew United”

Professional metadata management in film and TV production is increasingly important for the convenient and efficient information exchange between film set and post production.

But every production has its own specifics, e.g. different camera systems and workflows. That is why it’s hard to implement a standard solution suitable for anybody. That’s why easySCOTT offers – apart from our App and the Metadata Box – special Metadata Services. We gladly compile the perfect system from our different components for each and every production requirement in order to allow for the smoothest workflow possible.

And our greatest reason for delight, right now: on our special request “crew united”, the German portal for film staff and projects has arranged for a business field called “Metadata Management/Paperless Workflow”. That’s terrific, thanks for the great support. Right now, we are the only ones in the field of “Production Services”. But this is likely to change soon.

Find our new profile on the site here: https://www.crew-united.com/index.asp?bio=368658