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Our Metadata Network portrayed in “Professional Production” mag

They call it the Metadata conveyer belt. It’s the title of the article on easySCOTT’s cooperation with Ambient Recording we found in the renowned German trade magazine for movie makers called Professional Production. Fair enough – after all, we are really conveying the precious metadata from the set into the post production. It saves so much time in the editing preps because the data is already preprocessed when it gets there.

In any case, we believe that it’s an interesting article on the history of our cooperation and the significance and potential of professional on set metadata management as we offer it. Find a little extract of the article here: http://www.professional-production.de/fachbeitraege/einzelansicht/datum/2014/03/28/metadaten-foerderband/

Find further information on our partnership here: http://www.ambient.de/produkte/ambient-recording/iphone-apps/lockitscript-app.html