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We want your Sound Report!

To all the Sound Operators out there: the easySCOTT Sound App made especially for you will be one of the next enhancement of our system. We are already preparing it in cooperation with Ambient Recording. Our App for you will offer access to the announced ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) as well as, via CL-Wifi, to the latest versions coming from the sound mixer company “Sound Devices”.

In order to satisfy all your specific requirements, we are now collecting all sound records we can get. Just as we did during the development of the easySCOTT App for Script Supervisors, we will take those as a basis for an ideal digital sound report that responds to each and every possible situation on set.

That is why we are asking you today to send us your favorite templates and tell us what is important to you in this regard – after all, we want to fulfill all your needs. Just send them to sound@easyscott.com. Thanks!