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What was hot on NAB 2015

We talked to lots of people on NAB in Las Vegas. To customers who gave us precious feedback on our apps and the user interface, to technology partners who want to either integrate the Tiny Lockit OEM module or create a direct interface with our apps and to startups who presented new fascinating ideas.

It became super-obvious that workflows gain more and more importance. Finally!


Here are some companies which caught our attention:

ForScene (www.forscene.com)

Cloud-based editing? Say no more, it’s a thing. Like this, editing will be possible without sprawling infrastructure and logistics even for larger projects. Of course this will be some serious metadata job.


Woowave (www.woowavedreamsync.com)

Synchronize clips of different cameras with one click – automatically with the tool reading the wave form of the audiotrack? Sounds like rocket science… and it actually is. A great tool for concert recordings and multi-camera-shots. But an accurate timecode on set is still more useful.


Limecraft (www.limecraft.com) und Frame.io (www.frame.io)

Video collaboration platforms which enable working in postproduction mutually and can simply produce dailies at the same time? Nice. But on the other hand this is a fiercely competitive market with a lot of players trying their luck. We are curious!


Digital Director

A stand producer developing iPad apps? Check. Manfrotto did it. The iPad app serves as remote control for DSLR cameras and can display and tag photographs as well as videos. Perfect stuff for ENG teams or VJs.


But enough chitchat for now. We brought some homework with us that needs to be done!