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Are you a “Digital Film Set Native”?

Our new Website and our Blog called “Digital Film Set Native” will go online within the next few days. There, we want to deal with lots of aspects of the digital metadata management in movie production. But it is mostly about you to tell us and the community about your experiences on the digital set. What needs to be improved, where do you see a potential for further developments? How do you work on the digital set? And how will it be like in the end?

We want to offer you the chance to exchange experiences, listen to what your colleagues have to say you don’t really hear enough from in every day’s work. Of course we need you to give us some input: You have your own digital workflow that really works? You have a dream how it should be? Or do you believe that all that digital stuff will never make it, in the end? Give a piece of your mind!

We are looking forward for your stories and hope we can spark a spirited exchange between all Digital Film Set Natives. Just contact Yannic!