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Cola, lime and… metadata

Our easySCOTT leaves the continent and travels to Cuba for making a TV movie, following the production company Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH.

The flick to make is gonna be named “Der Mann ohne Schatten”, meaning “The Man Without a Shadow”, starring the famous German actor Jan-Josef Liefers. The production will take place in Berlin as well as on Cuba.

Working on that project was a special challenge for us because we had to create an elegant workflow totally independent from any access to the internet. That is why we used a local server for easySCOTT’s assignment abroad. For the user, there is no difference between the two systems: he can use it via the router, fill the Web Access (this time locally), operate the App for the Script Supervisor and create the necessary reports as usual.

We wish the director Carlo Rola and his team a successful production time and to you, Scotty, a nice trip!