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For Heaven’s Sake – from USCHI to easySCOTT

That takes us back: easySCOTT is back on the set of “Um Himmels Willen” (For Heaven’s Sake), a famous German TV series in public broadcasting. This is where it all started out more than two years ago. In those days our system bore the interesting name “Uschi” and still suffered from several bugs.


Have a look at the three easySCOTT founders Yannic, Benedikt and Huy, proudly holding up the first prototype on an Asus tablet. Its batteries had an “incredible” operational time of three hours. And in those days, it wasn’t a native app but a web based browser solution that needed constant connection to the mobile server on location. Ahh good old day… Good luck for all Script Supervisors that the are over and many many things happened since then: http://easyscott.com/apps2/

In this case good luck for Roxane Neumann. She is the Script Supervisor on set and will do the shooting taking place in Portugal. The movie special “Um Himmels Willen – Das Wunder von Fatima” will be produced by ndF who are also in charge of the series. We wish you a pleasant trip and nice weather.