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LockitScript Update 2.0

LockitScript 2.0 – our biggest update so far – is available as part of the LockitNetwork Production Service, and on the iTunes Store!

Additional to a major design update our main goal was to optimize the usability of the clip assigning. Now you can shift the clip-symbols via drag & drop into the single takes. This eases the first steps for beginners and even the die-hard pros will benefit.

That’s new:

  • Choose between 2 color themes! Adapt to your ambient light situation with selecting “Dark” or “Bright” color themes for the LockitScript app.
  • The new, improved, and intuitive clip-assigning allows for an easy drag & drop workflow. Simply take the clip symbol and drop it on the respective take or waste clips folder.
  • Set the next clip number more easily by using the new edit mode in the camera area of the “Editor’s Log” tab
  • Timecode-based logging now also works with the timecode of the iPad clock.
    2 stopwatches to enable taking different times simultaneously.
  • With the new header you can now switch between the shootings days at any time.
  • New color code system to display the status of scenes and slates more clearly.

We’re looking forward to your feedback: Drop us a line on Facebook in the LockitNetwork User Group or via email!