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LockitWebTools Import Section

Interoperability is king. Good news for all script supervisors and assistant directors using LockitScript and the LockitWebTools. We always strive to make you get started with a new project quickly – therefore we are working hard on being compatible to as many pre-prodcution tools as possible.

That’s why we now want to proudly take a look at the LockitWebTools import section

You can lucidly upload script or scheduling files to automatically compile or update your film or episodes. Also it is no problem to re-upload scripts during shooting. Already started or finished scenes will not be affected while all others will be updated in the process. Like this Your records remain consistent.


At the moment we support the following formats for import:

Adobe Story (.astx und schedule xml)

Final Draft (.fdx)

Fuzzlecheck (.fuz)

Preproducer (direct project-linking)

CSV-Dateien (.csv)

PDF-Dateien (.pdf)


Excepting for PDF all formats let us compile scenes, motives, estimated running times etc. automatically in your LockitScript project so you don’t have to do this manually anymore. Learn more: http://lockitnetwork.com/lockit-webtools/?target=pre-production

Check it out with your next production and save a lot of preparation time.


Of course we want to broaden the range of supported tools. And here’s your turn, dear script supervisors. Tell us which pre-production tools you would like to see implemented in the import section with a future update? Let us know via our Facebook User Group or directly via hello@lockitnetwork.com



PS: No, we still do not support MS Word-Import and this probably will never happen. Better ask your writers to switch to a professional script writing format 🙂