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Ninety minutes full of metadata

You were always wondering how much metadata know-how goes in 90 minutes, weren’t you? Or if anybody can blabber that long on that matter? We feel urged to answer: yes, we can.

We did a couple of weeks ago on the the IPS Timecode & Sync Training Day in Beaconsfield. A recording of the presentation was put online, now. It was held by Yannic from easySCOTT and our colleagues Sebastian Fell and Klaus Grosser from Ambient Recording.

We brought anything up, starting with timecode sync, followed by on-set metadata management and reaching to the analysis in the post. So, now you metadata nerds out there, get some coffee and a sandwich – you’re busy for the next 90 minutes. For the impatient ones among you: the easySCOTT part starts around 1:00:00. Have fun!