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Premium Production Service

Springtime – sun is shining , blossoming everywhere. It’s the same with productions and alongside, our on-set-metadata management is becoming more and more popular. The following list is a fine selection of current productions in German language using our premium production workflow. The best thing: they are all saving lots of time and thus lots of cash.

“Antonio im Wunderland“ – feature film. Company: Bavaria Pictures / Fox International Productions. Script Supervisor: Jens Budde

”Die Görings“ – TV miniserial. Company: Vincent TV. Script Supervisor: Ulrike Franz

“Mord in bester Gesellschaft“ – TV movie. Company: Tivoli Film. Script Supervisor: Andrea Pelz

“Ein starkes Team – Berliner Häuser“ – TV movie. Company: UFA Fiction. Script Supervisor: Kathrin Thiemer

“Rosenheim Cops“ – TV serial. Company: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion. Script Supervisor: Roxane Neumann

“Heiter bis Tödlich – Monaco 110“ – TV serial. Company: Producers at Work. Script Supervisor: Lisa Röth

“Hubert & Staller – Unter Wölfen” – TV movie. Company: Entertainment Factory. Script Supervisor: Magnus Holzapfel

“Vorstadtrocker” – feature film. Company: Weydeman Bros. Script Supervisor: Henneke Holst


Sunny days to all the productions and some decent shooting!