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Script Lining is coming!

Script Supervisors of the world, embrace the new Feature we added to our easySCOTT App. “Script Lining“ is coming and it replaces the bare PDF display of your script. Using the app, you may now arrange the script in order of single scenes, add comments and – probably most important – add lines to your script. Get a glance on it looking at the screenshot below.


If you want to use it, all you have to do is to upload the respective script in the easySCOTT Webaccess. But not as a PDF, but as a Fountain file you can import from (among others) Final Draft, CeltX, Adobe Story and the majority of the other Script Software types. If you’re actually getting scripts in a microsoft word or pdf format, you might wanna tell the writers there’s no use for that….

But seriously: Just send us that script and we will convert it for you.

Now this update needs to be tested thoroughly in an on-set scenario. The first version is already out there. As usual, we are looking forward to and welcome any idea and constructive feedback!