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Testing the Vitec FS-H70 – Part II

After the announcement we made a couple of weeks ago, we today want to give you a short update on our proxy recording tests we’re giving the Vitec FS-H70. The box is currently working on the set of the German TV series “Rosenheim Cops” where we intergrated it into our workflow for the ARRI Alexa.

At the moment it works like this: our easySCOTT metadata Box controls the Vitec box, is connected to the Alexa via ethernet and reads out the necessary metadata. The Vitec Box itself is connected to the camera via SDI. It saves the proxy clips directly into our Box where our tool renames them automatically.

Well, what shall we say: the quality of the proxy clips is quite convincing – AND timecode accurate. We are now verifying if it could be a relevant alternative to classy on-set dailies.

If you are interested in this workflow more in depth or want a special easySCOTT solution for your filmset please contact us.